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Watch Leonardo Dicaprio’s full new Documentary “Before the Flood” for free online

There’s no doubt that global warming is one of the biggest and most complex problems to solve that we face on the planet today. That is why several influential individuals and associations have worked hard to raise awareness of this problem, given that there are still many people that deny or ignore the dangers of global warming.

National Geographic has released its latest documentary on climate change, “Before the Flood”, free on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter – pretty much everywhere. Presented by the Hollywood superstar and the newly appointed UN climate ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio, the film is perhaps the most ambitious documentary on climate change since 2006, when Al Gore released “An Inconvenient Truth”. Throughout the 90-minute film, DiCaprio travels around the world to see the damage caused by the first signs of irreversible climate change, from melting glaciers to dying coral reefs and complete flooding of cities. DiCaprio seeks not to convince viewers of the existence of climate change, but to investigate, with the help of several climatologists and world leaders like Barack Obama and Pope Francis, where we stand regarding this problematic, and what are the efforts that we are making to start reversing the damages we have caused to planet Earth.